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Byte Magazine Volume 07 Number 09 - Computers and the Disabled (RESCAN)

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Byte Magazine Volume 07 Number 09 - Computers and the Disabled (RESCAN)

Published September 1982

p.24 Quinti-Maze
[author Robert Tsuk]
A three-dimensional game that may redefine for you the meaning of "lost." It placed eighth in the BYTE Game Contest.
p.34 Three Dee Tee
[author John Stuart]
Strategy is the key word in this game designed for the TRS-80 Color Computer. It's the seventh-place winner in the BYTE Game Contest.
p.54 The Epson QX-10/Valdocs System
[author Gregg Williams]
This new machine from Epson combines a word processor, an appointment book, an electronic mail network, and more in one package-all for less than $3000.
p.58 NCC Report
[author Chris Morgan]
New products from the United States and Japan put the spotlight on microcomputers at the National Computer Conference.
p.62 The Hanover Fair
[author Robert E. Ramsdell]
The annual exposition is a showcase for the latest microcomputers and dataprocessing and office equipment.
p.64 Build the Microvox Text-to-Speech Synthesizer
[author Steve Ciarcia]
The 6502 microprocessor in this intelligent peripheral device translates plain English text into phonemes to control a Votrax SC-01A .
p.136 Computers Can Play a Dual Role for Disabled Individuals
[author Gregg Vanderheiden]
Microcomputers must be made to do more than help disabled individuals in specialized ways; they must be adapted to give the disabled access to standard software.
p.166 A New Horizon for Nonvocal Communication Devices
[author Patrick Demasco and Richard Foulds]
The Panasonic Hand-Held Computer can be used as a personal, portable speech prosthesis.
p.186 Minspeak
[author Bruce Baker]
A picture can truly be worth a thousand words for people using this speech synthesizer.
p.204 The FDA Regulation of Computerized Medical Devices
[author Joseph Jorgens III, Carl W. Bruch, and Frank Houston]
What you need to know before your creation hits the market.
p.218 Talking Terminals
[author David Stoffel]
New devices open the world of computing to people with visual impairments.
p.250 Braille Writing In Pascal
[author Alfred Fant Jr.]
A Pascal program, a strip of cellophane tape, and a rubber glove combine to make a line printer for braille text.
p.276 Adaptive-Firmware Card for the Apple II
[author Paul Schwejda and Gregg Vanderheiden]
Physically disabled individuals can control standard programs without permanent modifications to the computer.
p.318 User's Column: Letters, Pascal, CB/80, and Cardfile
[author Jerry Pournelle]
One man's opinion on a variety of subjects of interest to computer users.
p.342 Logo: An Approach to Educating Disabled Children
[author Sylvia Weir, Susan Jo Russell, and Jose A. Valente]
Creating action-oriented learning environments and putting pupils in charge of their own learning greatly benefits students with severe educational disabilities.
p.398 Model III A to D Revisited
[author William Barden Jr.]
Build this simple and inexpensive analog-to-digital converter.
p.420 The Case of the Purloined Object Code: Can It Be Solved? Part 1: The Problems
[author Richard H. Stern]
A specialist in software and the legal aspects of high technology explains why new laws are necessary.
p.440 A Comparison of Five Compilers for Apple BASIC
[author Joseph H. Taylor and Jeffrey S. Taylor]
Speed isn't the only factor to assess when choosing a compiler.
p.466 Digital Troubleshooting with Signature Analysis
[author Steven A. Piubeni]
A look inside Hewlett-Packard's HP-5004A.
p.476 Program Your Own Text Editor, Part 1: Avoid Complex Commands Using Instant Updating
[author Richard Fobes]
A commonly used program should be easy to work with.
p.513 A Weaving Simulator
[author Paul W. Heiser]
The final appearance of a loom pattern can be predicted with a microcomputer and a printer.
p.520 Turn Your Apple II Into a Storage Oscilloscope
[author Larry Korba]
Low-repetition transient pulses can be easy to capture.
p.92 The Apple III and Its New Profile
[author Robin Moore]
p.231 The Cognivox VI0-1003 : Voice recognition and output for the Apple II
[author Dr. William Murray]
p.240 The Abilityphone
[author William L. Rush]
p.362 BYTE's Arcade: Swashbuckler
[author Scott Spangenberg]
Zero Gravity Pinball
[author Mark Friedman]
Beer Run
[author Arthur Little]
Advanced Star Raider Tactics and Strategies
[author C. Donald Harris Jr.]
p.531 Pickles & Trout CP/M for the TRS-80 Model II
[author Hal Smith]
p.537 TRS-80 Disk Editor/Assemblers
T. A. Daneliuk

p.6 Editorial: Let There Be Talking People Too
p.10 Letters
p.270 Education Forum: Computers and the Special Education Classroom
p.494 Software Received
p.497 Clubs and Newsletters
p.498 Books Received
p.499 Ask BYTE
p.501 BYTE's Bit
p.502 Event Queue
p.540 Desk-Top Wonder: Getting the Most from Your TI Programmer
p.543 What's New?
p.605 Unclassified Ads
p.606 BOMB, BOMB Results
p.607 Reader Service

Year 1982
Language English
Collection byte-magazine-rescans; computermagazines


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